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  • Best face paint kit I've ever used!

    Wow I love love this kit!!! It is so easy to use. Comes with everything you need plus extra. Highly pigmented and bright. Stencils are reusable. Sticks very well. My favorite was the rainbow palette. I painted a rainbow on my daughter's face and it stayed on all day. Soft feel and doesn't smudge throughout the day. Easy to clean off but must use soap and water. My son has sensitive skin but has never had a reaction to the paint. I bought this kit twice - very happy with the quality! One of these kits might do a classroom or a party, for instance, but not a school-wide do. Great fun!

  • It works great in light and dark hair

    Best hair chalk! With three girls, we have used many brands of hair chalk. This is very vibrant on any hair shade. Super easy to use and no mess and shampoo gets it out. These are great for parties or Halloween. Definitely would purchase again.

    B** M**

  • Great mascara

    I bought Maydear mascara first for the vibrant colors. I bought more because it is the best mascara I've ever used. This stuff goes on easily and stays in place all day. Even frequent use of eye drops doesn't cause it to run or flake off. It doesn't come off until you decide to take it off, and then it's an easy process with any facial cleanser and water. Long-lasting, fun colors -- who could ask for anything more from mascara? Would definitely recommend.

    A** A**