Q: Do you require a minimum order? And how much I'll be charged for shipping?
A: Minimum purchases are $150USD. We ship all orders for free in the U.S. and only charge a flat international shipping fee of $30 to Canada.
Q: I see the Suggested Retail Price (SRP) for each item. Can I charge more if I want to?
A: Yes! Compared to our SRP (in USD), you save on average 60% when buying wholesale. But you can price your items however you like when you resell them. You will find many cases where the customers in your area are particularly interested in one type of item, so you're able to charge more than the SRP. The SRP you see listed on the site is just a guideline.
Q: Do I need a re-seller license, tax-ID number, or seller's permit in order to become a reseller of your products ?
A: We are offering wholesale prices (around 60% off our retail prices) to resellers as well as individual customers who purchase products in quantity as gifts for friends for example. For this reason, we are not requiring you to send us a proof that you are a registered business. However, you do need to obtain the necessary business license, tax-id number, and/or seller's permit required in your location to operate an online business. 
IMPORTANT:   We DO NOT ALLOW straight resale of our products on Etsy, Amazon or Ebay. You can sell our products in Brick & Mortar Stores, during Events & Shows, or on your website.